Editorial Positions

Dr Ahmed holds the following editorial positions (International only)


Editor in Chief, Gut Pathogens, Biomed Central, London, UK (2008 – till date)

Section Editor (Genomics and Microbiology), PLOS ONE, USA (2008 to 2013)

Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, UK (2015 – till date)

Editorial Board Member, Infectious Agents and Cancer (BMC) – 2006 till date

Editorial Board Member, Systems and Synthetic Biology (Springer) – (2010 – till date)

Editorial Board Member, Emerging Microbes and Infections (EMI), Nature Publishing Group (2012 – 2015)

Editorial Advisory Board Member, F1000 Research (London) (2013- till date)

Editor, Microbial Genomics (MGEN) (Society for General Microbiology, UK). (2015 – till date)


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